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Sidvik Stones

Welcome to Sidvik Stones, your premier source for high-quality construction materials in Bengaluru. We take pride in being the leading suppliers of P Sand, C Sand, aggregates, and concrete blocks that surpass industry standards, all without any third-party involvement.

Our journey began in 2018, rooted in humble farming beginnings and driven by ambition and dreams. Through diligence and hard work, we've persevered, embracing risks to establish ourselves in the industry.

  • Our materials are scientifically washed and tested to ensure they contain almost 0% clay, silt, salt, and other organic matter.
  • We use premium heavy-duty machinery for efficient stone and granite crushing, and our expert guidance helps you navigate choices confidently.
  • Rest assured, all our products adhere strictly to Indian Standard (IS) specifications and layouts.
Our Products

Constructing Trust, Grounded in Solidity

Sidvik Concrete Sand

Precision-graded for superior strength and durability in construction projects.

Sidvik Plastering Sand

Perfectly processed for fineness and consistency, ideal for plastering needs.

Sidvik Blocks

Engineered for durable precision, ideal for structural integrity in construction.


Sidvik Jelly stones

Crushed for strong foundations and durable construction projects.

Granular Sub Base (GSB) Mix

A blend of gravel, sand, and bitumen for robust road construction.


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Since 2018 We have been gaining Experience, in this industry

Sidvik Stones stands out, surpassing competition and setting new benchmarks. We are committed to delivering only the highest standards, aligned with the Bureau of Indian Standards. Experience the difference by partnering with Sidvik Stones, where our commitment and care for your project mirror your own.

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Precision From Production To Supply
Customer Satisfaction


Building Contractor

“I am a seasoned construction contractor, I have relied on Sidvik Stones for sand and blocks for years. Their commitment to delivering on promises, maintaining quality, and ensuring timely deliveries sets them apart. Their dedication mirrors our own, making them invaluable to our ventures. I highly recommend experiencing their services – you won't regret it.”


Accounts Manager

“I closely oversaw the construction of my Home at every stage, with Sidvik Stones playing a crucial role in ensuring our plans were executed promptly. The product delivery was punctual, and the materials matched our discussed requirements, strengthening our confidence in a long-term partnership. I highly recommend their services – you won't be disappointed.”